Plover - Powhatan Cemetery
Pocahontas County, Iowa

The cemetery is located 2 miles east and 1.5 miles south of Plover in Section 24 (W side), Powhatan Township, Pocahontas County, Iowa.

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Salsburg, Eldon R.191619904982cremation
Salsburg, Maude A.191319984981 
Sanders, Bonnie Jean1942194541064 
Sanders, Carl1931200641061Pfc, U. S. Army Korea
Sanders, Glenn B.188219534984 
Sanders, Myrtle F.188819624983 
Sanders, Ray Evertt191819247511son of C. B. & Myrtte
Schabacker, Adam A.191219824264 
Schabacker, Alice N.191519774263 
Schleusener, Arnold R. O.19141997432 
Schleusener, Juanite Webbink192220074662Wife of Clarence Webbink
Schleusner, Evelyn19162010433 
Schnetter, Sherlyn Arlene19421963523 
Schultzendube, Christian182818877983 
Scmabacker 19144133  
Sease, Burgduff Sally1937199241071dauther
Sease, Conrad D.188719664594 
Sease, Delores Elaine 193441074infant
Sease, Dewane D.1913197341073 
Sease, Laura B.189219704593wife
Sease, Stephen1940195541074 
Sellers Phyllis1921201331013 
Sellers, Arther, W.1919199331012 
Sellers, Martha Jo1948195031014dau of Art & Phyllis
Sharp, Bill 195331241missing in action Korea July 6 1953 age 21 yrs
Sharp, Johnnie 18817833age 1 yr 11 mos 12days
Sharp, Lottie 18827834age 4 yrs 10 mos 14 days
Sharp, Luguis 18907832son of Milan & Augusta age 15 yrs 2 mos 8 days
Shaver, Alice L.184819347432wife of N. H.
Shaver, Charlie E. 18827434 
Shaver, Luella O.188519327431 
Shaver, Nelson H.184419297433Civil War
Shaw, Alma R.187619435142 
Shaw, George S.187619385143 
Shaw, Jennie A.18531934622 
Shaw, Josiah 18897783age 86 yrs 6 mos father
Shaw, Lucy S. 18877784wife of Josiah age 79 yrs 10 mos 19 days
Shaw, Prentice F.18861917624 
Shaw, Prentice J.18491934621 
Shimon Joe195520134132 
Shoemaker, Bessie1913191331384infant
Shoemaker, Harry J.1868194231383 
Shoemaker, Mary E.1870194531382 
Sims, Arthur 189171291son of A. B. & Clara Emma
Sims, Asbury B.1855191871292father
Sims, Paul A. 188671291son of A. B. & Clara Emma
Sindergard, Darrel194420124282 
Sindergard, Darwin J.194319894262 
Smith19021902742infant son of P. W. Smith
Smith, Alice L.18871887761daughter
Smith, Calvin E.188619633972 
Smith, Calvin E.185619293974father
Smith, Carrol18991900741 
Smith, Delta Eloda 189371184dau of J. B. & N. E. age 9 mos 3days
Smith, Edwin S.18931895762son
Smith, Elsie E. 18847973 
Smith, Flossie M.188719703971 
Smith, Floyd D. 18977974 
Smith, Fred19021993611 
Smith, Hal194619463994son of Howard & Mildred
Smith, Harry A.188719613992 
Smith, Howard L.191319843994 
Smith, J. S.18591912763father
Smith, Joel181118907354 
Smith, Kay Lee194419613993dau of Howard
Smith, Marion18441876753 
Smith, Mary E.18591918764mother
Smith, Mary L.1856194031072American Legion Auxuilary
Smith, Mary M.182019137353 
Smith, Mildred F.191319993994ashes
Smith, Myrtle189219403991American Legion Auxiliary
Smith, Otis Albert1855193831071 
Smith, Peter W.18411903752Civil War
Smith, Susan M.185719323973mother
Smith, Zola (Bucher)19051975612 
Spear, John E.181718967403father
Spear, Jane Waite182919097401mother
Spratt, Eddie W. 18857964son of Geo. & Hannie
Sroufe, Clarence H.190319684772 
Sroufe, Edna G.191019864681 
Sroufe, Grace Lucille Larson190820014771 
Sroufe, Henry W.187319534774 
Sroufe, Marvin E.190719804682 
Sroufe, Nettie A.187819584773 
Stevens, George184919176104father
Stevens, Ethel B.188618977174 
Stevens, Flora Ann192720104532 
Stevens, James L.187819047171 
Stevens, Lizzie M.189119077172 
Stevens, Martha185519106102mother , wife of George
Stevens, Myrtle A.188919057173 
Stoltenberg, Edna1884190271394 
Stone, Eliza A.181019067704wife of Wm
Stone, Wm179918777703 
Stowell Dorothy Mae1915200831234sister to Lamar Clampson
Stowell, Dean B.190319934444 
Stowell, Edith ( Iseminger)191819874341 
Stowell, Fred W.191319964342 
Stowell, Jane M.190919984443 
Stowell, John C.1868191871093 
Stowell, Martha A.1878196571092wife of John
Stowell, Matilda 189171094wife of O. P.
Strong 18867671baby
Strong 18877672baby
Strong, Abigal 18867682wife of Ira
Strong, Alice B.186818947841 
Strong, Alva 18907684 
Strong, Caroline A.184018867843 
Strong, Clara186919487523mother
Strong, Clarence189319287501son of Philander & Clara
Strong, Edward J.184119157502 
Strong, Eliza C. 18907823wife of Orlando W. age 42 yrs 2mos 8 days
Strong, Emma J.186919047842 
Strong, Ernest1911191141434infant
Strong, Eva 18837673age 27 yrs
Strong, Frank W.187519497692 
Strong, G. S. 18167681 
Strong, George188319477691 
Strong, Ira181118727683Born at Friendship Co. Allegany N. Y.
Strong, Jerry Lee193719553744son of Merle & Ward
Strong, Mabel189719637512 
Strong, Merle A190720003741 
Strong, Mrs. P. L. (Velma E.190519683602 
Strong, Nellie 1881767311 mos 8 days
Strong, Orlando W. 18857824age 46 yrs 2 mos 12days
Strong, Oscar J.184418857694 
Strong, P. L. (Mike)189919783603 
Strong, Philander L.184319317521father
Strong, Samuel N.184319197844 
Strong, Vinnie L.187719464883 
Strong, Ward L.190719743743WW 11
Strong, William S.187319374882 
Studer, Raymond B.196419904121Air Force
Studer, Robert Joseph196319894122Army
Taylor, Jessie F. 18847394 
Thomas 188471123Baby of Wm. & E. J.
Thomas, Colonel 18827641age 20 yrs 6 mos 11 days
Thomas, Eddie 18827642age 3 yrs 2 mos 22 days
Thomas, Frank 18827644age 16 yrs 1 mo 3days lot 64 all children of Daniel & Philene Thomas
Thomas, Henry180318817804 
Thomas, Lewie 18687642age 9 mos 5 days
Thomas, Lula 18857643age 4 weeks 1 day
Thomas, Susanna 18887803wife of Henry age 75 yrs 6 days
Thompson, Alice M. 18827931 
Thompson, Emma S.1850191941253 
Thompson, Lewis E.1868193441154 
Thompson, LLoyd B.1886193041251 
Thompson, Marilyn (infant)1920192171304 
Thompson, Milford O.1891194941152pvt 163 Depot Brig WW1
Thompson, Opal L.190919774343 
Thompson, Roy L. Sr.190419794344 
Thompson, Sarah Ella1869193441153American Legion Auxiliary
Thompson, Susie E.1898199341252 
Thurman, Perry Lee 19583284 
Trimble, James192619993204 
Trimble, Margaret192719903203 
Trites, Edwin A. 188371213son of E. R. & R. E.
Truelson John Melvin193920024421 
Truelson, Kenneth191419964423 
Tuma, Heather M. 19784183infant
Tuma, Joshua T. 19774184infant
Twigg, Albert189419863664 
Twigg, Cecil190619693584 
Twigg, Henry M.1850193471241 
Twigg, Larry Lee1938193831384infant
Twigg, Mary Ellen190319793663 
Twigg, Neva190919883583 
Twigg, Susan A.1863194071242 
Twigg, William M.1814190071244 
VanAlstine, David1919200331024 
VanAlstine, Edward C.1886196571391 
VanAlstine, Elizabeth M.1891195971392 
Vandecar 18907393infant dau. of J. A. & Mary E.
Vandecar, John A18561929783 
Vandecar, Mary Fraser18661911781 
Vandecar, Wm Chaundey 189073933 yrs 10 mos. 15 days
Waite, Hattie L. Colies186219347271 
Waite, Laura E. Everly 18957404wife of Forest E. Everly
Waite, Martin W.181818817402 
Waite, Philo M. 1895727243 yrs 4 mos 4 days
Wallace, Elic L.1867196231102father
Wallace, James D1863191471322father
Wallace, Marjory1881196531103mother
Wallace, Phayne B.1896189671321 
Wallace, Ramona M.1903196031104dau of Elic & Marjory
Walton, Edna M. (Sperring)1912199071191American Legion Auxiliary
Walton, Franklin1911201171197ashes only - husband to Edna
Wasko, Frank191019913752husband
Webb, Alfred J.18601941543father
Webb, Myrtle G.18671946544mother
Webb, Ray18951918541 
Webbink, Clarence H.192119664662WW11
Wegele, Flossie B.1902198271071 
Wegele, Harry J.1890198471072 
Westerman, Everett H.190319674624 
Westerman, Garland193119914622 
Westerman, Lorna L.190519974623 
White, Charles E. 18867911 
White, Perley 18857914 
Whitney, Aliceno dateno date7591Infant boy & infant girl on sp 2
Whitney, Alvin L.182619067481Civil War
Whitney, Levetta Broadwell 20047544Ashes only - Daughter of E. & O. Broadwell
Whitney, Lucinda 18887491mother age 77
Whitney, Mary E.184619067483 
Wonderlich, Margaret186419017632wife of J. A. also infant son George
Wood, NaomiJune 26, 1933April 29, 20103603Daughter of Velma & Mike Strong
Young, Clara 188471254 
Young, Delbert E.1872195331371 
Young, Delores 192431373twin
Young, Dorothy 192431374twin
Young, Earl1903197171232husband
Young, Elroy A.1889188971251 
Young, Ethel E.1885191031372 
Young, Harry C.1893193171252 
Young, Hazel A.1893189371253 
Young, Martha E.1862194771404mother American legion Auxiliary
Young, Minnie1907199171231wife
Young, Myron J.1858190771103 
Young, Pearl J. 194271104Iowa Pvt. 360 Inf, 90 Div. WW1
Young, Sanford1890196971403Iowa Pvt. 43 Co 162 depot Brig WW1
Zieclep, Mylotie 18777702Infant dau of J. S. & A. C. Zieclep



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