Clinton - Garfield Cemetery
Rolfe, Pocahontas County, Iowa

The cemetery is located south of Rolfe in Section 4 (SW corner) and Section 9 (NW corner) Garfield Township, Pocahontas County, Iowa

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Neal, Alvin M. (father)18461895A451Co. F 40th Reg IA Inf. Vol. Civil War G.A.R.
Nekoline, Martha Olsen18451903C41mother of Christine
Nelson, Anna Dorthea18581947G133 
Nelson, Carleen W.19381994J1732V. F. W. Auxiliary
Nelson, Chris  D133no dates, no stone (in book)
Nelson, Don19191994G754Y 2 U. S. Coast Guard, WWII
Nelson, Fred18851967G124 
Nelson, Henry18901939G111 
Nelson, John C.18791960G141 
Nelson, John Frederick18501936G134 
Nelson, Juanita18891975G123 
Nelson, Lawerence19312016J204US Army Korea-Japan. Ashes
Nelson, LeRoy19082003G144ashes
Nelson, Martha E.18481928C243 
Nelson, Mary Elizabeth19112010G143ashes
Nelson, Mikkel N.18521930C244 
Nelson, Minnie18831961G753 
Nelson, Niels18731953G752 
Nelson, Othelia C.18811960G142 
Nelson, Rachel C.18751964C242 
Nelson, Verdie18921985G112 
Nemecek, Charles J.19042000G1061Pfc U. S. Army, WWII
Nemecek, Josephine18761960G1063 
Nemecek, Louis18611937G1064 
Nemecek, Louis J.19041990G1062 
Nemeck, Wenceslaus B.18651952H651 
Nessa, Thomas Arthur 1893C1044son of F. N. & Marie
Nicholas, Rebecca Jamieson 1899C104died age 29 years
Nicoson, Geraldine E.19041998J1592 
Nicoson, Sam L.19001977J1591 
Nielsen, Grace Wilma19122007J1193 
Nielsen, ______ 1902C253baby dau of Henry & Severine, d age 1 yr.
Nielsen, August (Sunny)19061996J1194 
Nielsen, Christina18701947F933 
Nielsen, Florence B.19172004D181wife of P. W.
Nielsen, Fremond19081987F924Tec. 5 U. S. Army, WWII
Nielsen, Hans W.18601944F934 
Nielsen, Henry18641941C251 
Nielsen, Hilda G.19001977F931 
Nielsen, J. Sofus18781945D401 
Nielsen, Jens Peter18331922D404 
Nielsen, Marin18461928D402 
Nielsen, Mary D.18791954J892 
Nielsen, Niels C.18761961J891 
Nielsen, Paul W.19161981D182Sgt. U. S. Army, WWII
Nielsen, Rena18731931C252 
Nielsen, Viggo W.18971971F932 
Nielson, Carol S.19021974J1072 
Nielson, Christine18681949C43 
Nielson, Gilfert19011988C42husband of Edith Barrier Samson
Nielson, Gordon (Pete)19381991J632 
Nielson, Henry (H. J.)18961995J1071 
Nielson, Niels18531910C44 
Nielson, Rock R.19591975J631 
Norem, Margaret19041910B651dau of N. C. & Dora
Norris, Hazel L.18481904B44dau of J. H. & E.
Nowlen, C. S.18591941G95  
Nowlen, Julia A. Straight18181909G954 
Nowlen, Perry18221907G953 
Nunamaker, Elva18671961F14 
Nunamaker, Jesse B.18661938F15 
Obrecht, Ella O.18931956K1023 
Obrecht, William M.18881968K1024 
O'Donnell, Audrey19131982J663 
O'Donnell, Beverly K.19531984J672 
O'Donnell, Donna Jean19332012J661 
O'Donnell, Ed18821950C103 
O'Donnell, Gerald A.19141996J664 
O'Donnell, Matilda18851951C102 
O'Donnell, Maymie18811952F973 
O'Donnell, Terrance J.18691938F974 
Olerich, Barbara19172009F651 
Olerich, Caroline B.18751970F762 
Olerich, Ellwood G.19162003F652 
Olerich, Glenn H.19001914F774son of M. & J. C.
Olerich, Henry F.18731952F761 
Olerich, John C.18681958F77  
Olerich, Minnie M.18751931F773 
Olerich, Orvan B.19041993F763 
Olerich, Vera N.19051997F764 
Olmsted, Ambrose18891956D784 
Olmsted, Elmo19111912D781 
Olmsted, Ifa18901976D783 
Olney, LaVerne C.18971971K1324 
Olney, Ruth L.19041976K1323 
Olsen, Oscar T.18731943F604 
Olson, ______ 1889A672infant son of Hans & Martha
Olson, Abbie18891980K391 
Olson, Joseph18541911G934 
Olson, Olive P.18881932B431 
Olson, Sarah18611937G933 
Olson, William J.18891954G932 
O'Neill, Buster19232008J1183ashes
O'Neill, Ethel M.19221984J1181 
Onnen, Emma L.18621949G332 
Onnen, Eugene19272016G343 
Onnen, Flora G.18951982K421 
Onnen, George19051973G341 
Onnen, George J.18951976K422 
Onnen, Jerry D19382019J191U.S. Navy
Onnen, John F.18961976G334 
Onnen, John G.18601950G331 
Onnen, Minnie E.18901953G333 
O'Ralle, Johan 1888A671dau of J. A. - baby
Oskvig, Bert18951955J11WWI, IA Pvt. Co. H 115 Infantry
Oskvig, Sylvia19011967J12 
Otto , Ruth Ruby Woodin19142008J1132 
Otto, ______ 1931G45 baby - between 3 & 4
Otto, Charles18651938F951 
Otto, Charles19311931C1131son of John & Rosie
Otto, Edna C.18901981G453 
Otto, Hans J. 1892C421died age 34 years
Otto, Henry18891968G454 
Otto, Ida18761964F952 
Otto, Jesse C.19041910C391 
Otto, John B.19051986J1171 
Otto, Lottie Spencer 1893C392wife of Charles - died age 27 years
Otto, Mabel18651902C393 
Otto, Mercy18351911C1132 
Otto, Robert19381938C394son of John & Rosie
Otto, Rosamond I. (Rosie)19121998J1172 
Otto, Theodore R.19071910C1133 
Otto, Woodrow W. (Jim)19121981J1131 
Ovens, Hugh18241910C114 
Ovens, Jane Cook 1893C112wife of Hugh -  died age 59 years
Overmire, Kenneth J.19441945G661 
Overmire, Marion C.19131964G664 
Overmire, Ruth M.19211993G663 
Pace, Eva May18961961F281 
Pace, Joseph18481932C1021 
Page, Gregory Lynn 1968K1154 
Page, Shirley M.19451986K1152 
Papenfuhs, Hulda18891972C343 
Papenfuhs, William18871960C344 
Parker, Cora Rogers18921965F692 
Pattee, J. F. 1899A691died age 55 years
Pattee, Lucinda Taylor18281888C204wife of J. F.
Patterson, Alice L.18601924D452 
Patterson, Clarence M.18711936F961 
Patterson, Ferne L.19021984F964 
Patterson, Lillian K.18691959F962 
Patterson, Owen K.19011958F963Veteran of WWI
Patterson, Thomas E.18571929D451 
Paulson, Ellen18581943F193 
Paulson, Engel18601928F194 
Paulson, Lendt G.18861944F192 
Paulson, Lewis M.18992001J1384WWI
Paulson, Peter A.18921963A584Iowa Pvt. Co. G 349 Inf., WWI
Paulson, Regina (Maye)19011995J1383 
Pavey, Elmer J.19071919D174 
Pease, Ethel L.19302011K521 
Pease, Fern19021996K523 
Pease, Loren19011949K524 
Pease, Sylvester L.19262013K522 
Peck, George J.18461927B444 
Peck, Myra A.18501925B443 
Pedersen, Andrew O.19191989K1504WWII, TEc 4 U. S. Army
Pedersen, Carol J.19281997J1232 
Pedersen, Chris18851949K1084 
Pedersen, Dorothy Lou19252008K1072 
Pedersen, Elizabeth,(Betty)19232014K1503 
Pedersen, Isaac Fred 1948K1074 
Pedersen, Karen M. Baade19472010J263 
Pedersen, Lester V.19261945K1082WWII, PFC U. S. Army
Pedersen, Melvin K. (Bill)19241994K1071 
Pedersen, Robert G.19292005J1231 
Pedersen, Steven M.19452006K1073 
Pedersen, Thora18961977K1083V. F. W. Auxiliary, Gold Star Mother
Pederson, Cecil L.19111980K1364 
Pederson, Kenneth19332009K1362 
Pederson, Mae19132003K1363 
Peers, Albert F.18881961K1544WWI, IA SGt Util Det Const Div QMC
Peers, Ercella18931982K1543 
Pellant, Dorothy Sandvig19341971C954 
Penner Lauri R.19542015K1653Ashes
Perigal, August V.18891944D343Iowa Cpl. Depot Brig., WWI
Perigal, Charles18491926D344 
Perrin, ______ 1919A30 baby
Perrin, ______ 1897A30 baby
Perrin, Harriet18921969G1123 
Perrin, Jennie18621904A303 
Perrin, Mable G.18831963G1121 
Perrin, Phyllis Jean19231935G1122 
Perrin, S. T.18551914A304 
Perrin, Verne18921974G1124 
Peters, Dietrich J.19302011J554ashes
Peters, H. E.19031981F531 
Peters, Henriette19051990F532 
Petersen, ______ 1926D87 baby of Rev. S. S.
Petersen, Ben J.18691924D391 
Petersen, Bertha C.18811963C792 
Petersen, J. Peter18821960C791 
Petersen, Lila19011901C1114dau of Chris & Mary
Petersen, Metha S.18781942D392 
Petersen, Peter18351901C1112 
Peterson Dorothy Maxine19272017H53 
Peterson, Amelia T.18601942G532 
Peterson, Alice M.19071967B463 
Peterson, Anna D.18661924D414 
Peterson, C. Elmer (Duff)19111997H54 
Peterson, Caroline18511947D1142 
Peterson, Chris18721923C864 
Peterson, Dale E.19201966C862 
Peterson, Ella18781967H642 
Peterson, Elmer N.19171979K1301WWII, Tec 4 U. S. Army
Peterson, Elvina A.18951961G533 
Peterson, Gertrude19021996K1283Sister of Mildred Evans
Peterson, Harley D., Jr.19241976K1454 
Peterson, Henry E.18901894F1144 
Peterson, Ivan L.19201970K1304 
Peterson, Judy19362003K1892VFW Aux.
Peterson, Julia18751971G1172 
Peterson, Lars18431915G531 
Peterson, Lola19102007K1263 
Peterson, Lottie L.19031974J31 
Peterson, Louis E.18831956G871 
Peterson, Mabel H.18811974G874 
Peterson, Madge H.18981973J1473 
Peterson, Margaret C.19172012K1302 
Peterson, Martin19051992K1264 
Peterson, Mary V. 1876A711wife of J. B. - died age 34 years
Peterson, Mary E.18781972C863 
Peterson, Mildred J.19071950K1172 
Peterson, Nels19011976G1174 
Peterson, Nels18501930D1141 
Peterson, Niels18171901B504 
Peterson, Perry A.18911980J1474 
Peterson, Peter M.18671962K1292 
Peterson, Peter W.18741947H641 
Peterson, Ray E.19292009J352US Army
Peterson, Reinhart18671959D411 
Peterson, Robert N.19061985B464 
Peterson, Sadie N.19011952K1294 
Peterson, Sarah18781958K1293 
Peterson, Theo L.19011928G534 
Peterson, Virgil E.19312010K1891 
Peterson, Wesley B.19101970J1484WWII, Iowa T. Sgt. 58 Signal BN
Peterson, Wier N.18631933G1171 
Peterson, Willard F.19011991K1171 
Peterson, William19031971K1291 
Peterson, Zelma19112003J1483VFW Aux.
Phillips, Archie19171983H364 
Phillips, Helen Alvina19112004H363 
Philp, Hattie L.18981968J913 
Philp, Ralph C.18921967J914 
Pieratt, Elva Mae19191973F1012 
Pierce, Esther L.18971977B572 
Pierce, John18891961B573Iowa CPL Ordnance Department, WWI
Pike, B. F.18681931D984 
Pike, E. B.18681938D983 
Pike, Edith19011986F1033 
Pike, Maurice A.18991939F1034 
Pike, Orville D.19221926F1032 
Pirie, Byron19282016K792Ashes
Pirie, Clara E.18721909D673wife of G. L.
Pirie, Eleanor Lois19321949K802 
Pirie, Hannah18991984K803 
Pirie, Marion19312013K793Ashes
Pirie, Marjorie LaVonne19202002K801ashes
Pirie, Fay D.18941980K804 
Pirie, G. L.18651946D674 
Pirie, Michael Byron 1952K794 
Pohl, Lloyd L.19182019J1701U.S. Army - Air Force, WWII
Pohl, N. Neva19202016J62 
Pohl, Orville C.19192004J61 
Pohl, Velma G19202009J1702 
Pollock, Anna S.19711974C613 
Pollock, Gerden J.19021903C611son of J. H. & A.
Pollock, Howard J.19041960C614father of Patty, Sally & John
Pollock, James H.18661939C612 
Pollock, Minnie19021903C704dau of W. H. & B.
Pollock, Velma I.19131999F1083ashes
Pollock, W. John19061971F1082 
Polluck, Belle18811945H511 
Polluck, Cora Belle19061998H513 
Polluck, Grant18641951H512 
Polluck, Jessie Marie19091991H283 
Polluck, Robert B.19081953H284 
Pope, Mary M.19091992H213 
Porter, Charles Ernest19121913G571 
Porter, Ida May18761959G573 
Porter, Wayland C.18711955G574 
Poulsen, Anna L.18881911B772wife of Hans
Price, John18541921A791 
Prince, Becky19591994K51 Ashes buried between head stones
Pringle, Jean M.19241964F811 
Pringle, Libbie18811908F814wife of F. A.
Pringle, Terry 1949F813baby
Pugh, Joseph E.18831963K1421 
Pullen, Floyd T.19131963K1571 
Pullen, Larry L.19391990K1573 
Pullen, Leona19112002K1572VFW Aux.
Pyle, Harry  F561no dates
Quigley, Sadie M.18811961A411 
Quinsland, Belle  A331no dates, old stone
Ralph, Albert W.18601919D464 
Ralph, Delmer19071961D461 
Ralph, Earle A.19001955D462 
Ralph, Jane18691959D463 
Ramsay, Julia N.19011979H604 
Rapp, Mary W.19372019J144 
Rapp, Wayne19432019J143 
Ratcliff, Benjamin18791892D1011 
Ratcliff, Harriet C.18491936D1013 
Ratcliff, John18431900D1012 
Ratcliff, Julia18771900D1014 
Ratcliff, Nelle B.18901960H502 
Raynes, Grace18881960G852 
Read, ______ 1936F1143baby of W. J. & Ruby Read
Reetz, ______  D383second wife buried here-no stone, no dates
Reetz, Adolph H.18961953C333 
Reetz, Lucy M.19031981C334 
Reetz, Mary H.18611922D381 
Reetz, Reinholdt18611947D382 
Reetz, Walter S.18921923D384son
Reid, Evelyn19302015H573Ashes
Reid, Norman D.19272010H574ashes
Reitz, Howard19261984X34 
Remelly, Alberia (mother)18721907B442 
Rice, Irma J.19121989K43 
Rice, Ivan D.19091953K44 
Richardson, Chad1976 J1642 
Richey, S. J.18491905D1132 
Richmond, Arden A.18511932D171 
Richmond, Clarence O.19221984K244WWII, U. S. Navy
Richmond, Marven A. 1933C1124Iowa Corp 347 Inf. 87 Div. Civil War. G.A.R.
Richmond, Minerva M.1859 D172 
Rickard, Charlotte O.19172011J512 
Rickard, Everett (Brownie)19191991K934WWII, Tec 3 U. S. Army
Rickard, Harry Keith19181969J511WWII, IA T Sgt., 59 FTR Sq AAF
Rickard, Ivan W.19171986J482 
Rickard, John Edward18821961J484 
Rickard, Lois V.19161984J463 
Rickard, Marilyn T19272018K934Ashes
Rickard, Pearl May18871983J483 
Rickard, Ralph P.19151957J464 
Ricklefs, Bernard C.19182003J961 
Ricklefs, Dorothy A.19292005J783 
Ricklefs, Edmondeane M.19242010J962 
Ricklefs, Jason A.19722006J773 
Ricklefs, John G.18951966J952WWI, IA Pvt., 19 Co. 164 Depot Brig
Ricklefs, Myrtle C.18971990J951 
Riddlesbarger,IsleaOlerichHope19011978F76 ashes - between 1 & 2
Ridenour, Melinda A.18721965J902 
Riggs, Bert P.18671942F64 
Riggs, May H.18741963F63 
Ripperger, Joseph F.18911979K641WWI
Ripperger, L.A. Tiny19262007K633 
Ripperger, Lawrence J.19221977K643WWII, FFC U. S. Army
Ripperger, Leonard18891979K631 
Ripperger, Lillian A.19271993J614V. F. W. Auxiliary
Ripperger, Mary A.18901968K642 
Ripperger, Minnie18871960K632 
Ripperger, Theo J.19182000J613WWII, Sgt. U. S. Army Air Force
Ritchey, Frank M.18831960A91 
Ritchey, Lola M.18841973A92 
Ritchey, Nettie18541925D1131 
Ritter, Chloe A. Brown18311898D943wife of S. Ritter
Ritter, Sanford18311913D944 
Rittgers, Allen19402018H431 
Rittgers, Jackie Dean19441944H434 
Rittgers, Jacob B.19111999H432 
Rittgers, Jeane19082007H433 
Roberts, M. J.  A644no dates
Roberts, Middleton19161917D814baby
Roberts,Harrison E.19262007J1224 
Robertson (Onnen), Kate M.18941976G344 
Robinson, Anita19391996H301 
Robinson, Dorothy19152007K1673 
Robinson, Josephine Nemecek19091988H603 
Robinson, M. L. (Spike)19141990K1674 
Rogers, Ella18671940F682 
Rogers, Lulu V.18881975F684 
Rogers, Mabel Hunter18821913B274wife of A. E.
Rogers, Raymond W.18861965F683 
Rogers, Susanna (mother)18581915B272 
Rogers, Thomas (father)18521914B271 
Rogers, Willard R.18651944F681 
Rollings, Mildred G.19111991F351 
Roskus, Blanche White19131961D512 
Roy, Virginia B.19321932C1024baby
Rude, Eileen19232003J1492VFW Aux.
Rude, LeRoy E.19211980J1491WWII, Medic, U. S. Army
Rund, Betty Jean Keleher19281999K77 between lots 3 & 4
Russell, Baby  H154no dates
Russell, Floyd18941957H152 
Russell, Irene18971970H153 
Ryan, Gaylord, Walter19081956H661 
Ryan, Louella, M19132015K22 Ashes
Ryen, Alfred18991935C573son of Nels G. & Anna K. Ryen
Ryen, Anna18811982K553 
Ryen, Anna K. (mother)18691946C572 
Ryen, Elmer19061993J573 
Ryen, Elwood19121992J574 
Ryen, Emelia18821960C283 
Ryen, Emma18781907C241wife of George
Ryen, Evelyn19101911C281 
Ryen, George18791968K551 
Ryen, Gladys19021906C574dau of Nels G. & Anna K. Ryen
Ryen, Ida L.18901968K552 
Ryen, Inga18921990G994 
Ryen, Lee E.19151978K1164WWII, Tec 5 U. S. Army
Ryen, Louise18891980J572 
Ryen, Marie19042001J582 
Ryen, Martha18521918F471 
Ryen, Mary E.19131991K1163 
Ryen, Nels G. (father)18601928C571 
Ryen, Obert19011972J571 
Ryen, Ole G.18631962C284 
Ryen, Olive19151989J584 
Ryen, V. G.19491916F474 
Ryen, Verna19171997J583 
Ryen, Virgil (Vic)19181987K554WII, Pfc U.S.Army, prisoner of war
Ryen,Louella, M19242015K222Ashes



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