Clinton - Garfield Cemetery
Rolfe, Pocahontas County, Iowa

The cemetery is located south of Rolfe in Section 4 (SW corner) and Section 9 (NW corner) Garfield Township, Pocahontas County, Iowa

Section Layout Map

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Callon, Evelyn M.18921964A232 
Callon, Floyd E.18901972A231 
Callon, James R.19161965A234 
Callon, Lydia E.18951921D474wife of V. C.
Callon, Martha E.18541934A423 
Campbell, ______  C131no dates
Campbell, C. J. (father)18251890A614 
Campbell, Chester A.19131964B611Idaho PFC U. S. Army, WWII
Campbell, James H.18561913C132 
Campbell, Jennie R.18601896C133wife of J. H.
Campbell, Jessie Glenn18911892C134 
Campbell, Nettie B.18701934B613 
Campbell, William W.18601923B614 
Cannon, Mabel 1889A514infant dau of P. J. & G. E.
Carlson, Harriette B.18981958X104V. F. W. Auxiliary
Carlson, Jerald R.19231988X103ashes, SI U.S. Navy, WWII, Korea
Carlson, Phyllis Jean 2005X101ashes
Carlson, William Harold19001991X102U. S. Navy, WWII
Carlton, B. Olive19212001J594 
Carlton, Donald F.19121960H452 
Carlton, Esther18871975H262 
Carlton, Frank18841972H261 
Carlton, Lee T.19211983J593WW II, Pfc U.S. Marine Corps
Carlton, Lillian H.18521944F743 
Carlton, P. T. Tony18861959F741 
Carlton, Thomas Alan19381940H451 
Carlton, Thomas E.18501916F744 
Cassen, Fae E.19191990D71Veteran
Cassen, Glenn Woodrow19171965D74Iowa PFC Co. C 233EIngineer BN, WWII
Challand, ______  A36 baby, no dates
Challand, George 1900A363died age 52 years
Challand, Julia A. Greenfield 1900A364wife of George - d age 49 years
Chambers, Benjamin F.18521928F501 
Chambers, Earl18991958K251WW I, Pvt Stu Army Tag Corps
Chambers, Glenn R.18981921F504 
Chambers, Harry18701927C73 
Chambers, Helen18331927C72 
Chambers, Mary18711948C74 
Chambers, Mary A.18631943F502 
Chambers, Pearl B.19001988K252American Legion Auxilary
Chambers, Robert Bond18331895C71Civil War. G.A.R.
Chapman, Charles B.18911959K964WW I
Chapman, Hattie L.18971986K963 
Charlton  G25 25 & 26 - large marker for Charlton
Charlton, C. A.18651902A243 
Charlton, Diane Elizabeth19301931G273 
Charlton, Etna Barr18961983G284 
Charlton, Franc Lenore18651941G281 
Charlton, Frank B.18961949G271 
Charlton, Freda E.18941967G272 
Charlton, James Henry18561912G274 
Charlton, Neva (baby)  A244no dates
Charlton, Shannon B.18941969G283 
Chesterman, Carrie18731958D54 
Chesterman, Grace18781954D53 
Chesterman, Sarah18481930D51 
Christensen  F1044no dates - sister
Christensen, Alvin N.19302006K1494Marine Corps Korean Conflict
Christensen, Mary Y.19192011K1062 
Christensen, ______ (father)  F1041no dates
Christensen, Agnes A.19051968X51 
Christensen, Alvena M.19231987G764 
Christensen, Anna L.18861985G763 
Christensen, Anna M.18691965F102 
Christensen, Arthur M.19081931F103 
Christensen, Bobby19291936G761 
Christensen, E.Mary18551927B532wife of Marius
Christensen, Edward G.18841957K1664 
Christensen, Elsie18191884B574 
Christensen, James C.18931926F104 
Christensen, Marius18511935B531 
Christensen, Martin18611949F101 
Christensen, Martin Lee19561963K1492 
Christensen, Mary L.18841970K1663 
Christensen, Sarah E. 1890B532dau of M. & M.
Christensen, Soren J.18801965G762 
Christenson, C. A. (Otto)18901974K1064 
Christenson, Christ O.18801895B494son of James & Mattee
Christenson, James C.18481900B493 
Christenson, Mary E.18911988K1063 
Christiansen, ______ (father)18461925B344 
Christiansen, ______ (mother)18451924B342 
Christiansen, Anne M.18561896C432 
Christiansen, Emma 1890B341dau of O. & S. - died age 4 years
Christiansen, Thorwald H.18941957C434 
Christianson, Fritz F.18461921C431 
Chumley, Louisa 1897C692wife of P. S. - died age 37 years
Chumley, Mary Sroufe18841911A43 
Chumley, P. S.18541935C691 
Clark, Gordena Fisher18681928F94 
Clark, Ione H.19051988K893Ashes
Clark, Mabel J.18971968F163 
Clark, Thomas Liet Col.19342012K1331ashes buried 2013
Clark, Thomas S.19051999K892Ashes
Cleal, Arthur D.18751952H124 
Cleal, Beverly Ann1945 H121 
Cleal, Donald F.19152006X164 
Cleal, Doris E.19031983H112 
Cleal, Frances L.19191987X163 
Cleal, Matilda E.18791960H123 
Cleal, Richard19041952H111 
Cleaver, Bernard18941917D794 
Cleaver, Geraldine L.18981973D791 
Cleaver, H. D.18651922D793 
Cleaver, Norah A.18671951D792 
Clifford, Charles E.18551934D1204 
Clifford, Florence A.18561913D1203 
Clifton, Iva May 1891C974dau of William & Lizzie Clifton - d 3 mo
Cobbs, Annie L.18411903C84 
Cobbs, H. P.18361909C81 
Coffin, Allen A.18601926F114 
Coffin, Clarence W.18701928D1151 
Coffin, Clifford18791882B151son of L. C. & Fannie
Coffin, Edwin R. 1942F663Nebraska A. Sgt.C.C.MLD Dept.
Coffin, Herbert D.19191920F14 between 2 & 3
Coffin, Herbert N.18941988F111Pvt. U. S. Army, WWI
Coffin, Julia E.18431912D1153wife of Marcellus W.
Coffin, Lucille Leffler19101995F143 
Coffin, Marcellus W.18421902D1152 
Coffin, Mercy M.18631935F113 
Coffin, Reginald 1884B152son of L. C. & Fannie
Coffin, Richard Rowe (Col.)19131969F144Iowa Colonel U.S.A.R., WWII
Coffin, Velma Rowe18901977F142 
Coffin, Vernon H.18901974F141 
Coiner, ______ (mother)18541901C944 
Coleman, Donald R.19151967H133Iowa S2 U.S.N.R., WWII
Conrow, Henrietta A.18621945D122 
Conrow, Ira E.18621936D124 
Cook, Anne E.18701953C1222 
Cook, Florence E.18921975X172 
Cook, Genevieve L.19221973K223 
Cook, Mattie G.18861962X173 
Cook, O. N.18611928C1223 
Cook, Otis U.18871956X171 
Cook, Walter L.18831963X174 
Cooksey, Amy I.18841973F43 
Cooksey, James C.18721942F44 
Coombes, Harvey D.18781958K1684 
Coombes, Zora N.18901974K1683 
Cooper, Clara18421914C232 
Cooper, Henry18371906C231 
Cordes, Andrea C.18981953H413 
Cordes, Bertha A.19041995H422 
Cordes, Claus H.18981973H412 
Cordes, Ella P.19061998H411ashes
Cordes, F. B. Elizabeth18721948H423 
Cordes, John A.18761959H424 
Cordes, Junior19251925D362 
Core, Beverly  C664stone - no dates
Core, George C.18601918C661 
Cormick, Earl  D801no dates
Cornell, Edgar18701951B491 
Cornell, Lola E.18761965B492 
Cornwell, Bobbie19201920C1172 
Cornwell, Chester E.19041986J1532 
Cornwell, Clarence L.18701958C1102 
Cornwell, Earnest H.18771898C1184 
Cornwell, Estella M.18771947C1101 
Cornwell, Fred G.18721937C1183 
Cornwell, Helen E.18471920C1181 
Cornwell, Melvin E.18471929C1173 
Cornwell, Nettie E.18751951C1182 
Cornwell, Sylvia M.19142003J1531 
Cornwell, Verla L.19121913C1171 
Cox, "Papa" Willette S.18621907A541 
Cox, Joyce19312016X23 
Cox, ______ (mother)  A542no dates
Cox, Albert 1889B422died age 72 years
Cox, Anthony18421913B424son of A. & H.
Cox, Ava18811964F622 
Cox, Bessie18881889A544 
Cox, Ernest18761944F621 
Cox, Frank18721946G441Iowa Pvt. 88 Inf. 19th Div. WWI
Cox, Frankie J. 1934G44412-Jan
Cox, Hanna 1891B423wife of Albert - died age 73 years
Cox, Henry18381893D552 
Cox, Jane18351919D551 
Cox, Lucy E.18721947G442 
Cox, Martha19311989X22 
Cox, Rebecca18271909A34 
Cox, Wilbur E.19181932A564 
Cox, William J.18951922D184 
Cox, Willie18941904A543 
Crawford, Melville J. 1900C441died age 22 years
Cruickshank, Christina18321908G293 
Cruickshank, Faye19182003J1061 
Cruickshank, James19171978J1062 
Cruickshank, Robert18191912G294 
Cuff, Blair18911977B294 
Cuff, Cordelia18571930B292 
Cuff, James18591942B293 
Cuff, Vern W.18921926B291 
Curtis, John18191906A112 
Curtis, Martha 1903A111died age 81 years
Cuthbertson , B M ( Oz)19142007G1053 
Cuthbertson, Elsa E.19111998G1052 
Cuthbertson, Wayne Orville 1939G1054 
Dady, D. B.18551916F464 
Dady, Rosa18601931F461 
Dailey, Clara A.19051940F304 
Dailey, Florence H.18971927C861 
Dailey, Gilbert G.19021945F303 
Dall, ______ 1925B453infant
Dall, Anna N. 1901B454dau of P. & N. - died age 5 years
Damborg, Elisa18831927G131 
Damborg, Fay18971980F722 
Damborg, Knud18881968F721 
Davidson, Donald19171999H462ashes
Davidson, Edna18961994H463 
Davidson, Lester18891964H464 
Davidson, Lillian18981993K983ashes
Davidson, Sally C.19172012H461ashes
Davidson, Sylvester18911960K984WWI
Davis, Theo D.  D862no stone, no date - Co. B 7 IL Cav., WWI
Dawson, Anna M.18731921F233 
Dawson, Clara J.19021991F232 
Dawson, Gustave A.18701949F234 
Day, Curtis L. (Rev.)18721962K1464 
Day, Dennis D.18301909D954 
Day, George W.18751944D951 
Day, Jennie M.18731956D952 
Day, Julia W.18751969K1463 
Day, Rebecca A.18361916D953 
Dayton, Annabelle18851967G473 
Dayton, Donald M19202012G471ashes
Dayton, Guy L.18821969G472 
Dayton, Kenneth19112000K563 
Dayton, Lloyd19211929G474 
Dayton, Lou19161997K562 
Dayton, Marion Kenneth 1950K561 
DeGroote, Delecaur D.18921919D722 
DeGroote, LuVerne19141916D721son of D. & M.
Deling, Raymond19181980J1164 
Deling, Ruth19272012J1163ashes
Delle, Chris C.18451929C1004Civil War G.A.R.
Delle, Clara S.18861891C1002 
Delle, John18601941C1031 
Delle, Joseph 1894C1033baby - son of John & Maude
Delle, Margaret18481925C1001 
Delle, Maude18731955C1032 
DeMill, Ardin 1932D31Co. K 4 Iowa Cav. Civil War G.A.R.
DeMill, ______ 1920F524baby - Nov. 14
DeMill, Charles H.18751952D33 
DeMill, Elizabeth18521941D34 
DeMill, Frank L.18801929F523 
DeMill, Mary18851959F521 
DeMill, Wade E.18831959F334 
DeMoss, Jack A.18791929C662 
Dennis, Lillian Ruth18861888A504 
Dennis, Mrs. Lettie18521900A503 
Dennis, Rose18501927A502 
Dennis, Ruth (infant daughter) 1897A504 
DePew, Charles C.18531939A491 
DePew, Milah18491932A492 
DeVaul, Abram M.18961935H564veteran WWI
DeVaul, Arthur A.19011990J1031 
DeVaul, Flossie D.18931981H563 
Dewey, Trinity, L.19822015K2093 
DeWolf, Anna S.18931967D644 
DeWolf, Blanche W.19122010J1044 
DeWolf, Carrie F.18961994G93 
DeWolf, Charles R.18751913D642 
DeWolf, Electa B.18901924D643 
DeWolf, F. C. (father)18501927D631 
DeWolf, G. N.18891931G91 
DeWolf, James E.18961977G92 
DeWolf, Leslie C.19111972K94WWII, Purple Heart, PFC 2688 signal de
DeWolf, Maude V.18851967K92 
DeWolf, Mrs. F. C. (mother)18541934D632 
DeWolf, Wesley K.19111986J1043 
DeWolf, William S.18841958K91 
Dickey, Elick E.18871954B461 
Dickey, Esther M.18891977K1643 
Dickey, Harry E.18811962K1644 
Dickey, Leona A.18811965B462 
Diederich, Mable Margueritte (Witt)19162007G782 
Diggs, E. Lenora19021924D434 
Diggs, Emma L.18971988H142 
Diggs, Phyllis Louise 1930H141 
Diggs, Thomas18951983H143 
Diggs, William Earl19021945D433 
Dixon, Lillian D.19051948F71 
Dixon, Charles F.19051985F72ashes
Dixon, Margaret F.19141970F73 
Dixon, Phillip L.19321975F74 
Doe, ______  B502infant - no marker
Doe, Albertus18551940B301 
Doe, Ethel L.18881965B304 
Doe, Herbert M.19011943B501Illinois Pvt. 383 Inf., WWII
Doe, Rosa B.18651900B302 
Drager, Henry P.18951895C1074son of Fred & Anna
Drake, Emma18391931D1003 
Drake, Ira D.18301892D1004 
Dreith, Harold L.19162010J751 
Dreith, Lydia19132006J752 
Duitscher, Gabriel Allen20082008J833 
Dunavan Ashlyn20012016H404Daughter of Gregg and Nicolette
Duncan, Betty J.19291968J32 
Dyvig, Julia18781907C1194dau of John & Anna
Liet. Col. Thomes Clark19342012K1331ashes buried 2013



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